The New American Idol Judges


I’m sorry ..what has become of music…I know things change with the times I get used to be that people who won music awards.. were those that really could belt out a song so great even if they did it accapella or thats gone.. later years we get shows such as “X factor”, “The Voice” , “The American Idol”, which search for talent all over the country. Thats great! Wonderful! However the judges, I understand producers and songwriters of award winning hits being on the board of judges..but Demi Lovato and now Nicki Minaj. really? Yeah Nicki Minaj has had a few collaborating great songs that got tons of airplay..but a judge. Which makes me wonder it has to be a geared for younger viewers. Nope I wish you well in your career..but not this avenue..I really hope your a “guest” judge..but in my opinion not seasoned enough to be an official judge on any talent seeking show..


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